Rosacea and broken capillary Laser Treatment

The VersaPulse laser effectively treats vascular problems such as the redness and broken capillaries that accompany rosacea, spider veins or telangectasias, and any area of the skin that has developed a red or pink color with visible wavy red lines beneath the skin surface. Telangectasias occur in as many as 80% of all women and a large percentage of men as they grow older and can occur on the face, hands, or legs.  They are not dangerous but they can be hard to cover with makeup or clothing.

Rosacea sufferers often have broken capillaries and red or pink discoloration to the nose and cheek regions.  This can effectively be treated with the VersaPulse laser treatment.  The VersaPulse laser works by sending a green light out which seals the blood vessels and they are then absorbed by the body.  This laser has minimal downtime and bruising associated with it and is relatively painless when undergoing treatment.

Multiple treatments can be required for full resolution.

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