Cosmetic Chin Surgery

Chin surgery is also known as chin augmentation, mentoplasty and genioplasty.  Chin surgery is a procedure to reshape the chin either by enhancement with a chin implant or reduction surgery on the bone.  The chin can also be moved via cuts in the bone to slide it forward.  If you are bothered by a small chiin, weak jaw or lack of facial contour, chin surgery may benefit you.

It is common for Dr. Kristin Egan to discuss chin surgery during a consultation for nose surgery as improving the appearance of the chin can often change the appearance of the nose in the overall facial appearance.

Patients can often go home the same day as the procedure and return to work within a week.  Chin surgery involves incisions under the chin or in the mouth which may be sore for up to a week.

Call for a consultation with Dr. Kristin Egan to discuss how you can benefit from chin surgery.