Dermabrasion involves the delicate sanding of the skin to even out skin texture and tone.  It uses a wire or diamond brush or burr to remove the upper layers of the skin allowing new, more even skin to be formed in its place. It is commonly used for scars and […]

Dermabrasion for Smoother Skin

Scars from accidents or trauma can often be a focus of one’s facial appearance and detract from the natural beauty of the face.  Scar revision is often used to minimize the appearance of the scar so that it is more consistent with your surrounding skin tone and texture.  Different techniques […]

Scar Minimizing Treatments

Neck surgery is also known as a neck lift, platysmaplasty, or cervicoplasty.  Neck surgery helps to restore a tight, youthful appearance to skin under the chin and neck area which has become saggy.  This procedure is often performed in addition to face lift surgery. If you have jowls or fatty […]

Surgical Rejuvenation of the Neck

Ear surgery can involve many different procedures.  One type is referred to as otoplasty and involves setting back the ears and reducing how far the ears project off the head.  This is commonly performed on children before they enter kindergarten and are subjected to peer ridicule. Patients are able to […]

Cosmetic Ear Surgery

Cheek surgery is also known as cheek augmentation surgery or cheek implant surgery.  Cheek implants add fullness and definition to the cheeks restoring a more youthful profile by increasing the projection of the cheekbones.  Elevating the cheekbones gives the face a new sense of symmetry as well as elevated all […]

Cheek Enhancement Surgery

Chin surgery is also known as chin augmentation, mentoplasty and genioplasty.  Chin surgery is a procedure to reshape the chin either by enhancement with a chin implant or reduction surgery on the bone.  The chin can also be moved via cuts in the bone to slide it forward.  If you […]

Cosmetic Chin Surgery

Our lips are often a focus of our appearance as we use them to speak, to eat, to kiss.  With time, lips can lose volume and appear thinner and can develop lines around them due to the action of our lip muscles.  Many surgical procedures have been designed to increase […]

Lip Enhancement Surgery

Thyroid surgery is also known as thyroidectomy which means the removal of all or part of the thyroid gland.  In most cases, this is performed to remove a cancer, cyst, or other mass.  This procedure requires general anesthesia and monitoring of nerves around the thyroid. Often patients will need to […]

Thyroid Surgery

Ear Tube surgery is also known as myringotomy tubes and involves placing a ventilation tube in the eardrum to relieve pressure and fluid which frequently gets infected.  Ear Tube surgery is commonly done for children who have frequent ear infections.  This procedure serves to allow the fluid to drain properly. […]

Ear Tube surgery