Surgical Rejuvenation of the Brow

Brow Lift Surgery is designed to return your brows to a youthful position and appearance.  With time, gravity and the muscles of the forehead serve to pull the brows down toward the eye creating a tired and haggard look.  By elevating the brows surgically, the eyes are opened up and restored to a more well-rested look.

Many different incisions can be used, both within the hair and on the forehead.  Depending on the type of procedure, you may be able to go home that same day and be back at work within a week.  This surgery can also be designed to raise the hairline in those with a short forehead.

Brow Lift Surgery is often combined with Eyelid Surgery, and both can work together to achieve the youthful appearance you desire.

For those patients who desire a minimally invasive approach, our injectables and fillers can also serve to enhance the appearance of the brow.

You can also watch an animation on Dr. Egan’s Academy website, choose forehead and browlift overview.

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