Minimally invasive treatments

Minimally invasive treatments.

Restylane® and Perlane® are comprised of Hyaluronic Acid, an injectable agent well suited to correct wrinkles, enhance lips or otherwise augment soft tissue. Hyaluronic Acid may be derived from animal sources (rooster comb) or, as in the case of Restylane® and Perlane®, may be laboratory created. Perlane® is primarily the same product as Restylane®, but Perlane® filler contains a larger concentration of hyaluronic acid. Because of this higher concentration of hyaluronic acid, Perlane® is usually used for larger folds, while Restylane® is better suited for smaller wrinkles or to maintain the results of a previous Perlane® injection.

Restylane® for Fine Lines and Wrinkles

The same principles that make BOTOX® Cosmetic effective as a medical treatment make it effective as a cosmetic treatment. Injecting small amounts of BOTOX® Cosmetic into these active facial muscles results in localized paralysis and a smoother, more relaxed facial expression. Most commonly it is used in the upper face to eliminate frown lines and crow's feet. You can expect the results from BOTOX® Cosmetic to last 3-5 months.

Botox® for Forehead Wrinkles

Laser hair removal reduces the growth of unwanted hair from nearly any part of the body.  This process destroys the hair follicle at the root of where the hair grows.  Multiple laser treatments can successfully extend a hair-free period for months to years.  A typical treatment course consists of 6 […]

Hair Removal Laser Treatment

The VersaPulse laser effectively treats vascular problems such as the redness and broken capillaries that accompany rosacea, spider veins or telangectasias, and any area of the skin that has developed a red or pink color with visible wavy red lines beneath the skin surface. Telangectasias occur in as many as […]

Rosacea and broken capillary Laser Treatment

Minimally invasive treatments are an easy way to achieve a youthful appearance without the downtime and costs of surgery.  Many treatments performed in the office can serve to eliminate facial lines and sagging areas of the face and neck.  These include: Botox® Dysport™ Lasers Juvederm® Radiesse® Restylane® Fine lines and […]

Minimally Invasive Treatments

Excessive sweating, also known as hyperhydrosis, is a common affliction that can affect people in their underarm areas, hands, feet or elsewhere.  This can be a disabling condition leading to avoidance of social situations for fear of embarrassment due to one’s excess perspiration. Now there is a semi-permanent solution for […]

Excessive Sweating Treatment

  Our hands can often give away our true age despite the maintenance of a youthful face and neck.  Many of the same treatments used on the face can help to minimize the signs of aging in the hands. Laser treatments and skin care can lighten dark spots and uneven […]

Facial Plastic Surgery Procedures for Hands

Rhinophyma is a large bulbous appearance to the nose.  The nose is often red and has bumps on the lower third of the nose around the tip along with enlarged nasal pores.  There can also be broken blood vessels on the nose and many patients have rosacea on the face. […]


Dermabrasion involves the delicate sanding of the skin to even out skin texture and tone.  It uses a wire or diamond brush or burr to remove the upper layers of the skin allowing new, more even skin to be formed in its place. It is commonly used for scars and […]

Dermabrasion for Smoother Skin