Skin Care

The daily care of your face is the key to preserving your healthy youthful appearance.  Dr. Kristin Egan can provide specialized products designed for your skin type and condition of your skin.  Before and after surgical treatment such as face lift surgery, dermabrasion, and laser treatment, it is vital to use the correct products for your postoperative care in order to fully benefit from these treatments.

The use of skin care products can enhance and protect your skin today from the signs of aging and also from the development of potentially disfiguring skin cancers. Many patients continue to suffer from acne well past adolescence and this can cause painful lesions as well as embarrassment in social situations. Dr. Egan understands and has developed her own line of proven medicated formulations to treat both adolescent and adult acne.

Come in today to see what skin care products Dr. Kristin Egan recommends for you.